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Born and raised in, South Africa, first generation of German holocaust refugees, Ed Traut received Jesus as his Savior at thirteen years of age. He was filled with the Holy Spirit  in a dynamic church where the gifts were embraced, giving rise to the prophetic gift he now flows in.

Ed pastored for some years and later, led by the Lord, started Prophetic Voice Ministries in South Africa.  It became readily apparent that Ed’s true calling is not only to minister to the body of Christ through the personal prophetic word, but to train, equip and activate the prophetic gift in others through mentorship and teaching seminars; thereby creating an opportunity for the prophetic to grow and expand throughout denominations and cultures internationally.

In obedience to the Lord, Ed moved his family to San Antonio, Texas in 1998 where he founded Prophetic Life Ministry.  Ed is best known for the accuracy and consistency with which the Lord leads him to impart life changing personal and corporate prophecies.  This, combined with a strong word based ministry and unique and lively teaching makes Ed, his books, and teaching materials widely sought after both in the U.S. and internationally.

His pastoring experience causes Ed to be very local church orientated both in conviction and ministry, thus promoting and strengthening the local church. Ed believes absolutely in submission and the proper flow of spiritual authority, and he and his family attend Christian Family Church in San Antonio, Texas under Pastors Theo and Beverly Wolmarans. When at home, Ed and his wife Louisa enjoy their three daughters and their families which include six amazing grandchildren. - Copyright © 2006

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