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Dr. Wayne Babb, D.C.E. is the founder and Bishop of Oasis Church International, the church described as "one church in five locations." God has birthed within Bishop Babb the mission " to provide a place that renews, refreshes, and restores those who are hurting, rejected, and lost..." for the purpose of equipping believers to build the Kingdom of God. 


 Dr. Babb has been pastoring for over 20 years.  He is an accomplished businessman, teacher, and Bible Expositor.  He serves as a guest instructor for renown Biblical Institutions of higher learning such as Christ For The Nations (Dallas, Texas).  He also is anointed to bring fresh, rhema word right from the throne of God to the hearts of His people.  Bishop Babb has been an instrument of transformation for many and his passion for the Kingdom of God never extinguishes.  


Dr. Babb and his wife, Lady Priscilla, oversee the five ministry locations, including two churches in Africa.  Dr. Babb is also a devoted father.  He most truly is one gifted with grace to preach the gospel of the Kingdom in a simple, clear and effective manner.  Wayne Babb Ministries  International serves as the outreach vehicle that transports this anointed gift into all the world via distant travel, WBM-TV, WBM-Radio, books, tracts, CD's, DVD's, and by any means necessary-


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